Intro to MyUni Online Course: The ultimate guide to getting started in MyUni


Learning Enhancement and Innovation have created a brand-new online resource to provide Academic and Professional staff with essential knowledge on the use of MyUni.

We caught up with Joanne England, Senior Learning Designer, whose team created the Intro to MyUni online course resource. Read on to find out more about what it is and why it was developed.

In a nutshell, how would you describe the content of this course?

Joanne England:
The Intro to MyUni course provides the essentials for how to build a course in the University’s learning management system, MyUni. The course has been developed using evidence based design to support best practice in the delivery of blended learning and to ensure that staff are able to meet the University’s requirements for teaching using MyUni.

The course includes four modules to support the course development cycle:

  • Module 1: Getting Started in MyUni (25 minutes)
  • Module 2: Building a Course in MyUni (95 minutes)
  • Module 3: Assessing and Providing Feedback (30 minutes)
  • Module 4: Publishing a Course (15 minutes)


Why was this resource developed?

Joanne England:
The Intro to MyUni course was developed to meet the needs of new teaching staff and professional staff involved in supporting teaching and learning. It will replace previously delivered face to face workshops. The course can be accessed at any time, and is a flexible, self-paced, interactive, online resource. The course is designed to guide staff through the steps to build a course for delivery to students. Staff can dip in and out at any time, as needed.


Who will find this useful? And how do you know it’s useful?

Joanne England:
All commencing teaching staff, from Course Coordinators, to tutors and markers will find the course useful. It is designed to support teaching staff who are new to MyUni to complete course set up and design, including assessment items, in time to publish to students for delivery. It is a practical, hands on resource.

The course was designed and developed in consultation with academic staff to meet their specific knowledge and skill development requirements. The course has been user tested by early career academic staff, including Higher Degree Research (HDR) students. Their feedback was critical in ensuring that the course meets the needs of the target audience. Even though these staff have been using MyUni for a while, they told us that they learned things that they didn’t know before.


What are some of the most common challenges and questions that arise at the start of each semester regarding the use of MyUni?

Joanne England:
Some of the most common challenges faced by academic staff at the beginning of each semester is how to set up assessment items, including assignment groups and weighting of assessment items. This is a critical part of course set up, as this set up will determine the calculation of a student’s final grade.

Other questions that arise include how to access a course, making sure that all teaching staff have access to the course, how to set up a home page, a discussion board, course readings, and how to check that lecture recordings are available.

The course addresses many of these common challenges.


What top tip would you give to someone who is new to using MyUni and looking to start building out their course?

Joanne England:
My top tip would be to take this course! The course is designed so that you can set up and build a course as you work through Introduction to MyUni course. What better way to start building out a course? Just follow the step by step instructions contained in each module and in less than 3 hours you will be ready to publish a course to students.


Apart from the Intro to MyUni online course, what other MyUni support and services are provided to Academics and course coordinators?

Joanne England:
There are a range of support options for Course Coordinators and Academic staff, including technical and pedagogical support options.

These include:

MyUni Support
Phone: (08) 8313 3000 Option 3, then select Option 1 (Staff).

Drop-in: The Cog on weekdays from 10am to 4pm (Level 7, Kenneth Wills building)

Live chat with Canvas Support

MyUni Learning Centre



Enrol Now


Other support services offered by the Learning Enhancement & Innovation unit, include:

Meeting with a Learning Designer to design effective and innovative student learning experiences

Meeting with an Educational Technologist for advice on choosing the right technologies and tools for learning and teaching

Connecting with the Learning Analytics Team for support on how to use data to improve teaching and learning in courses and programs

Find out more about the Learning Enhancement & Innovation unit here. 


Joanne England
Senior Learning Designer

Joanne is the Senior Learning Designer in the new Curriculum Design Project team, and works to create engaging & accessible online learning resources for staff and students.

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