AEA Member Publications

As Education Specialists, members of the Adelaide Education Academy (AEA) promote teaching excellence both within our institution and across all providers of further education.

Members have completed some valuable research and have been published across a variety of learning and teaching channels.

Publication listing

Listed by most recent publication year and then alphabetically

  • 2020

    Donnelly F, McLiesh P, Bessell S,(2020) Using 360° Video to Enable Affective Learning in Nursing Education, Journal of Nursing Education. Vol. 59, No. 7, PP. 409-412

    Strelan, P., Osborn, A., & Palmer, E. (2020). The flipped classroom: A meta-analysis of effects on student performance across disciplines and education levels. Educational Research Review, 30,

    Strelan, P., Osborn, A., & Palmer, E. (2020). Student satisfaction with courses and instructors in a flipped classroom: A meta-analysis. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 36, 295-314.

  • 2019

    Davidson, R., Snelling, C., Karanicolas, S., Crotti, T., & Phillips B., (2019) Authentic Assessment as a Tool to Bridge the Transition Between Learning and Work. In: Diver A. (eds) Employability via Higher Education: Sustainability as Scholarship. Springer, Cham. Available online:

    Doerflinger, F.C, Able, A,J and Loveys, B,R (2019) Authentic undergraduate research in plant science: the importance of mentor-student relationship International Journal of Innovation in Science and Maths Education. 27(4).

    Koch C, Grenfell L (2019) Internship Courses for All? Supporting Students Undertaking Unpaid, University-Run Legal Internships 44(3) Alternative Law Journal 226 

    Snelling, C., Loveys, B., Karanicolas, S., Schofield, N., Carlson-Jones, W., Weissgerber, J., Edmonds, R., & Ngu, J., (2019). Partnership through co-creation: Lessons learnt at the University of AdelaideInternational Journal for Students As Partners3(2):62-77. Available online:

    Newell, S., Chur-Hansen, A., & Strelan, P. (2019). A systematic narrative review of psychological literacy measurement. Australian Journal of Psychology. doi: 10.1111/ajpy.12278

    Kemp, A., Palmer, E., & Strelan, P. (2019). A taxonomy of factors affecting attitudes towards educational technologies for use with technology acceptance models. British Journal of Educational Technology, 50, 2394-2413.

  • 2018

    Koch C, Grenfell L (2018) "Getting a Foot in the Door": Internships and the Legal Profession 40(7) The Bulletin - Law Society of South Australia 28 

    Loveys B. R, Riggs, K. (2018) Flipping the laboratory: Improving student engagement and learning outcomes in second year science courses. International Journal of Science Education,

    Strelan, P. (2018). Using the movies to illustrate the principles of experimental design. Teaching of Psychology, 45, 179-182.

  • 2015

    Davidson, R.A. (2015) Wiki Use That Increases Communication and Collaboration Motivation: A reflection several semesters later, Journal of Learning Design, Vol.8, No.3. pp. 92-105. 

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