Professional Learning

Opportunities for learning are key to enabling our academic and professional staff in teaching, and support for learning, roles to enhance student learning.

There are a range of fit-for-purpose and impactful professional learning opportunities coordinated by teams within the Division of Academic and Student Engagement (DASE).

  • Professional Learning Principles

    Collaboration,  Collegiality and Community:  

    We envision a professional learning environment that promotes collaboration and community among university teachers. By facilitating peer-to-peer learning, interdisciplinary collaboration,  mentoring and supportive networks, we aim to create a vibrant community of educators dedicated to continuous improvement.

    Research-Informed Practice:  

    We are committed to bridging the gap between research and practice in the professional learning of university teachers. Our vision encourages teachers to integrate evidence-based practices which have a positive impact on student learning. Our educators will be supported to have the expertise and confidence to contribute to the scholarship of learning and teaching. 

    Inclusivity, Integrity and Dignity:  

    Professional learning will meet the needs of all staff with an educational role and all members of the community will be respected, valued and acknowledged.  

    We will work with indigenous leaders to support the authentic integration of Indigenous knowledges into curriculum and teaching. 

    Foster a culture of continuous improvement:  

    Our vision for professional learning of university teachers is to create a culture that values ongoing development, where educators are encouraged and supported to reflect on and enhance their knowledge, skills, and teaching practices throughout their careers. 

    Student-Centred Approach:  

    We strive to equip university teachers with the tools and strategies to create inclusive, engaging, and transformative learning experiences that prioritise the diverse needs and aspirations of students. 

    Adaptability and Innovation:

    Recognising the evolving landscape of higher education, our vision promotes adaptability and innovation among university educators. We aim to equip them with the agility to navigate technological advancements, embrace digital pedagogies, and respond positively and effectively to the changing needs of learners in a rapidly evolving world.

Gather support from your peers through participating in Communities of Practice. Network and learn from peers at the Festival of Learning and Teaching or at a range of other events. Enhance student learning by participating in various professional learning workshops offered as part of the ADEPT program and through Learning Enhancement and Innovation (LEI). 

The University recognises excellent teachers through admission to the Adelaide Education Academy (AEA) and you are invited to connect with a member of the AEA if be looking for advice and guidance on how to enhance your teaching practice.


The University offers an Induction and Professional Learning Program that provides academic and professional staff in teaching and support for teaching roles the opportunity to develop their capabilities and knowledge, skills and values to create and deliver contemporary, student-focused and collaborative learning experiences for students. 

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Communities of Practice

Our Communities of Practice provide an opportunity for groups of staff and students to come together regularly to discuss relevant learning and teaching topics and to deepen their knowledge and expertise.

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Festival of Learning and Teaching

The Festival is the University’s premier learning and teaching event. It engages academic and professional staff in learning and teaching-related discussions and learning opportunities focused on the enhancement of student learning.

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