Resources for Educators

The University of Adelaide supports teaching excellence in all its forms. 

These resources have been curated to support excellent teaching practice, and will be added to and updated on a continuous basis.

Assessment and Feedback

Assessment is at the heart of the experience and outcomes of an Adelaide education for our students. The continuing robustness and integrity of our assessment practices and processes will be critical in the increasingly competitive and digitally-enabled higher education landscape. The following resources have been curated to support the design of quality assessments and will be added to and updated on a continuous basis.

Artificial Intelligence and Learning

Recent developments in generative language artificial intelligence (AI) have prompted discussion across the education sector about the role of AI in teaching, learning and assessment. The University is committed to engaging with AI as a digital literacy, and ensuring that staff and students know how to use AI responsibly. Access the latest advice, news and resources on artificial intelligence and learning.

Teaching Resources

At the University of Adelaide, learning is designed to be active, student-centred, and to foster a sense of community.  These resources offer both evidence-based principles and practical guidance for designing and delivering effective learning experiences. 

Academic Integrity

The Academic Integrity Policy supports Academic Integrity across all learning and teaching activities at the University. To support the implementation of this policy the University has developed Guidelines for Academic Integrity Investigations.

Student Partnerships

The University is committed to working in genuine partnership with students to ensure the high quality and the continuous enhancement and innovation of our curriculum, learning and teaching, and wider student experience.