Select from a range of workshops designed to showcase examples of best practice, enhance the use of educational technologies and provide opportunities to share approaches to student learning. Workshops are peer-led and/or feature specialists from Learning Enhancement and Innovation (LEI).

Are you new to teaching or teaching at Adelaide?

In addition to the wide range of workshops, sessions and online modules available, new teaching staff are required to complete the Introduction to University Teaching within three years of commencing at the University of Adelaide. Find out more about this online course and the face-to-face sessions designed to support you.

The learning platform, MyUni, enables communication and collaboration between you and your students and provides a platform for accessible learning for all students. Learn how to optimise your use below.


  • Introduction to University Teaching

    The ADEPT program supports academic and professional staff who are new to teaching or new to teaching at the University of Adelaide in the following two ways:

    MyUni course for continuing & fixed-term staff with teaching responsibilities (online/ self-paced)

    In this module, you will reflect on your experiences as both a student and educator in order to inform your own approach to teaching within the contemporary higher education context. You will explore key principles in the design of learning and student-centred approaches to enabling active learning for the diverse student cohort. You can self-enrol at any time.


    Introduction to University Teaching (Synchronous Zoom session)

    This is an opportunity for you to discuss active, inclusive and digitally-enhanced approaches to learning and teaching with peers. This course will be advertised at various times of the year. Please contact us to reserve your place for the next session or keep your eye out for regular updates to this page.

    If you are a casual staff member with teaching responsibilities, please ask your School contact about localised induction opportunities.

  • Learn how to optimise your use of the MyUni digital learning platform

    Support is also available in the use and and optimisation of the MyUni digital learning platform.

    If you are new to using MyUni or would like a general overview, you can also enrol into the Introduction to MyUni self-paced online course for a general overview of how to use MyUni at the University of Adelaide. 

    Learn how to use MyUni, set up pages and assignments, and understand MyUni minimum requirements, with the MyUni foundations for teaching staff - introduction workshop.


The Adelaide Development Program for Educators and Professionals who Teach (ADEPT) is peer-led professional learning for academic and professional staff in teaching, and support for teaching roles. It showcases examples of good practice and provides opportunities to share approaches to, and the challenges, in enhancing student learning.

  • What are the benefits of participating in ADEPT Activities?

    ADEPT enables colleagues to share their challenges and innovations with peers and to discuss how to effectively translate evidence-based and inclusive teaching practices into discipline specific learning environments.1

    Participant feedback since 2020 has shown that the opportunity to hear about the teaching practice of peers is highly valued and all ADEPT activities are designed with social learning principles in mind. 2


    I have participated in several ADEPT modules during 2021, and each time have learned about new tools, new methods, and new ways of thinking about teaching.  This, combined with the opportunity to meet and chat with fellow staff dealing with many of the same teaching challenges, has been a real highlight of the ADEPT program.  All this has been made possible through the dedication of the ADEPT teachers, which has been a significant motivator for engaging with the modules and furthering my own professional development as an educator; I cannot speak about them highly enough.  I would thoroughly recommend the ADEPT program to anyone who has a teaching role, whether it is giving just a few lectures to teaching across an entire course - there is benefit to be gained from engaging with one or more of these modules.

    Dr James Botten, School of Biological Sciences

    I liked how the ADEPT team modelled good practice - pre-reading/tasks, engaged us with multiple break out rooms with colleagues and specific tasks to do in those rooms, post-course tasks. I enjoyed there being a diversity of participants and the opportunity to hear from everyone but work with those at a similar level/amount of experience to me.

    Participant, anonymous feedback survey


    1 Boud, D., & Brew, A. (2013). Reconceptualising academic work as professional practice: Implications for academic development. International Journal for Academic Development, 18(3), 208-221.

    2 Lave, J., and E. Wenger. (1991). Situated Learning: Legitimate Peripheral Participation. New York: Cambridge University Press. Gibbs, G. (2013). Reflections on the Changing Nature of Educational Development. International Journal for Academic Development 18 (1): 4–14.


    Participants who complete courses through MyUni will receive non-award certificates of completion for their professional learning records.  

    Certificates of attendance can be provided to participants who attend at least 75% or more of a synchronous session. This is to ensure that you have benefited from the peer learning available in the sessions. Contact us to request a certificate.

  • Workshop information and registrations

    Workshop title Date Time More information

    Prep for Integrity

    Fri 9 Feb, 2024 12.00 - 1.30pm Registrations closed

    Check for Integrity

    Fri 16 April, 2024 12.00 - 1.3opm More information and registrations

    More sessions available soon!


Designing for Learning

The Designing for Learning workshops, facilitated by Learning Enhancement and Innovation (LEI) for academic staff, focus on designing learning for blended and online environments. These workshops cover a diverse range of topics through guided activities and hands-on exercises.


Educational Technology

The Educational Technology workshops are designed for academics and facilitated by Learning Enhancement and Innovation (LEI). These workshops provide valuable insights and practical guidance on utilising educational technologies to enhance the student learning experience.


Feel free to contact us for more information or for a discussion concerning your professional learning needs.