News and Events for Teaching Staff

An exciting range of events are offered annually to University of Adelaide staff involved in the provision and development of Learning and Teaching.

We invite you to contact us with details of your Learning Teaching event or activity, or details of other external events or conferences which would be of interest to staff in the Learning and Teaching field.




ADEPT – Assessment for Learning 1 Workshop

Assessment is a powerful tool for student learning.  In this module, you will engage with evidence-based, good practice principles for effective and efficient assessment design and apply them to your teaching context. You will identify how assessments can be aligned with the Universal Design for Learning Principles to ensure inclusive learning experiences for a diverse student cohort.  You will be introduced to a range of assessment approaches, and explore how to evaluate the quality of rubrics to provide constructive and informative feedback.



Where to for higher education from here? Common global pandemic, very different national outcomes

Where to for higher education from here?  Common global pandemic, very different national outcomes. In this not to be missed seminar, Professor Simon Marginson, Professor of Higher Education, University of Oxford, will explore the impact of COVID-19 globally, including the capacity for Australian universities to remain as a world class research sector and international education destinations.



Academic Integrity Colloquium

Academic integrity is a fundamental part of learning and teaching and a core value of the University of Adelaide.  Join us for this online event as we discuss important developments in the sector, including contract cheating, partnering with students, and innovations in assessment design.



Spotlight on Academic Integrity

Read about the latest news in the area of Academic Integrity including the recruitment of seven student Academic Integrity Ambassadors, next months Academic Integrity Colloquium and the mandatory MyUni module for commencing students.  

Read more about Spotlight on Academic Integrity

How You Can Positively Impact Academic Program Reviews

The University of Adelaide routinely conducts reviews of all coursework programs as part of a five-year cycle.  Oversight of reviews is the responsibility of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Vice President (Academic), delegated to the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Student Learning).   In recent years, the reviews process has been reconceptualised and it now embraces a forward-looking, strongly participatory approach to enhancing the program(s) under review. 

Read more about How You Can Positively Impact Academic Program Reviews

Congratulations to New Advance HE Fellows

The HEA Fellowship demonstrates a personal and institutional commitment to excellence in learning and teaching in higher education. Across four categories, from Associate to Principal, Fellowship provides individuals with formal, international, professional recognition of their practice, expertise and impact in learning and teaching.  Read about the staff who have recently achieved Fellowship.

Read more about Congratulations to New Advance HE Fellows

Full Faculty Representation on AEA Executive Committee

In 2021 the Adelaide Education Academy has members from all five faculties on its Executive Committee, with new members joining from ECMS and Professions. 

Read more about Full Faculty Representation on AEA Executive Committee



Communities of Practice in Focus

The Employability Community of Practice is a vibrant group of academic and professional staff members who love to share the latest knowledge and innovative practice under the umbrella of employability topics such as; work-integrated learning, experiential learning, career development learning, and different ways to assess learning.



Innovations Prepare Students for Close Encounters

Mixed reality technology has become more accessible for students at the Roseworthy Campus within the last 12 months with the introduction of a Virtual Reality (VR) cattle handling experience and haptic technology featuring a cow and a horse.



Embedding Career Development Learning in the Curriculum

You have no doubt heard discussion of the role of higher education in developing graduate employability, but are we all on the same page about what employability is, what its elements are, and how they work together to create positive outcomes for graduates?


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2020 Festival of Learning and Teaching

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