Course Review Reporting Tool

Developed in 2023, the Course Review Reporting Tool (CRRT) is an online platform that supports staff to document, share and report their course reviews. It provides additional functionality at the School and Faculty level for reporting on the number, type and focus areas of course reviews recorded in this system.

The CRRT reflects the University's preferred terminology and approach to course reviews. Schools are encouraged to develop local business processes which take advantage of this reporting tool.

The CRRT is available for use by all academic staff. Education Quality can provide access and training where:

  1. There is confirmation that the Head of School has agreed, and
  2. The Head of School provides the names of academic staff delegate(s) (if any) who will receive the relevant email notifications and be authorised to acknowledge (ie complete) course review reports on their behalf.

A range of resources can be found below including information about how to access further training and support.


  • Roles

    Head of School: Responsible for acknowledging a submitted course review report and concluding the review. Receives automated email notifications of submitted reviews, unless a delegate has been assigned. The Head of School may also run school and faculty reports on the number, type and focus areas of course reviews recorded.

    Head of School Delegate: Senior academic staff member (e.g. Associate Head of Learning and Teaching) assigned by the Head of School (via email to Education Quality) to acknowledge a submitted course review report and conclude the review. The delegate will receive an email notification when a course review has been submitted and is ready for final approval.

    Reviewer: Responsible for documenting the review in the CRRT, including any recommendations towards improvement of the course, and submitting the review report. The Reviewer may be the same person as the Course Coordinator or another person.

    Course Coordinator: Responsible for delivery and maintenance of the course. The Course Coordinator may initiate a course review using the CRRT or be advised by a system email that someone else has created (setup) a course review record (e.g. Program Director, Discipline Lead, Head of School). The Course Coordinator may act as the Reviewer.

    Nominator: A person approved by the Head of School (or delegate) to nominate a course for a Core Plus review (e.g. Program Director, Associate Head L&T, Associate Dean, Deputy Dean L&T). Approval occurs outside of the CRRT according to local processes. The nominator can communicate the focus of the review to the Course Coordinator (and/or other Reviewer) outside of the CRRT (eg via email) or via CRRT (by creating/setting up the course review record).

  • User Guides

  • Resources/FAQs


    CRRT Roles - provides an overview of CRRT roles and respective capabilities and email notifications

    General FAQs


    Nominating a course review

    How to set up a course review

    During the Review

    How to document and submit a course review report

    How to acknowledge a course review report (Head of School or delegate)

    After the Review

    How do I view completed course review reports

    Institutional Reports

  • Further Information

    Education Quality may be able to assist individual staff with orientation and training in the use of the CRRT and/or contribute to local program- or School-based course review activities. Please contact Education Quality to discuss your needs.