Peer Review of Teaching

The University of Adelaide model of peer review comprises three related programs, each of which has different purposes and uses varying tools and processes.

Teaching Review Program (TRP)

TRP is our summative peer review of teaching program. Applications for Round 2, 2022 are now open.

TRP has been designed to provide evidence in support of staff applications for individual University teaching awards, academic promotion, or conversion to Education specialist appointments.

Peer Assisted Reflection & Development Program (PARD-P)

The Peer Assisted Reflection and Development Program (PARD-P) is our formative faculty-based peer review of teaching program involving peer observation of teaching. The program is open to all teaching staff regardless of their level of experience. 

It is recommended that staff undertake a PARD-P prior to applying to complete a TRP.

Rapid Peer Review

To help connect you with your peers during the transition to remote learning we are introducing a new program – Rapid Peer Review (RPR). Like our other developmental peer review of teaching program Peer Assisted Reflection and Development Program (PARD-P), RPR is designed to enhance teaching development, expand your circle of support and provide opportunities for staff to share ideas and learn from the experience of others.

Dimensions of teaching

There are ten dimensions of teaching that inform the process of peer observation.

Applicants for the TRP must choose a minimum of six out of the ten dimensions, and we recommend that those completing a PADR-P chose to focus on one or two for their peer review.

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