Rapid Peer Review

The Student Learning Portfolio is committed to supporting teaching excellence as educators focus on the design and delivery of online courses and remote learning.  

To assist in the transition and ongoing practice of remote learning, we are introducing a new peer support program – Rapid Peer Review (RPR). Like our other developmental peer review of teaching program Peer Assisted Reflection and Development Program (PARD-P), RPR is designed to enhance teaching development, expand your circle of support and provide opportunities for staff to share ideas and learn from the experience of others.  

How will RPR work?

  1. Identify a discrete aspect of your online or remote teaching – either a lesson plan, learning experience, or assessment design that you would like some rapid feedback from a peer about.
  2. Use our new RPR register to find a peer who is also wanting feedback on the same or a similar aspect and make a match.
  3. Contact your match and organise to share the relevant details of your lesson plan, learning experience design or assessment. Make a time to meet via Zoom or provide feedback via email. Whatever works for you.

It’s that easy!

What if I want feedback about something else?

That’s fine just list that on the register.

But remember, RPR is a rapid peer review. It is not intended to be a full review of your whole approach to teaching or every aspect of your course design. It is intended to provide a chance to get some quick feedback from a colleague to sense-check your decisions and plans as you’ve transformed your teaching for remote learning.


Indicate your interest in participating

Note your area of development/ interest/ expertise by completing the short form below.


RPR Register

Once your information has been collated it will be displayed on the RPR Register.  This register will be regularly updated with the name, contact details and area of interest of other participants who are seeking to connect with staff through this program.

Staff may choose to connect with one or many others.  Names will remain on this list until people have gained what they need from the program or are no longer available to assist others.

Click to view the Rapid Peer Review Register, and sign up today to participate!


Rapid peer review application form

Prefer to match with someone from same/cognate discipline
Prefer a match with the same focus (i.e. Assessment, lesson plan, learning experience)