Festival of Learning and Teaching 2018

Welcome to the 2018 Festival of Learning and Teaching.

The theme for the eighth Festival of Learning and Teaching is What Works? Perspectives on Feedback and Assessment.

Globally, the landscape of higher education teaching and learning is changing rapidly with wider participation, a focus on student outcomes and major digital disruptions, yet to be fully realised.

It has been argued that assessment and feedback might be the ‘final frontier’ in transforming higher education learning and teaching – that our assessment and feedback practices have been surprisingly resistant to changing with the changed environment. This year’s Festival will focus on new and innovative ways to do assessment and feedback and share experiences of what works in practice and what the evidence nationally and internationally tells us.

We will explore a wide range of perspectives, including:

  • Assessment and feedback for large classes and MOOCs
  • Peer and self-assessment
  • Adaptive assessment
  • Authentic assessment
  • Feedback and assessment for work integrated learning
  • Technology enhanced feedback and assessment
  • Student-led approaches to feedback and assessment

The Festival is an opportunity to celebrate our experiences as both teachers and learners at the University of Adelaide, to showcase innovations, to share evidence, ideas and practical tips, and to debate issues and challenges.

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