Sharing Undergraduate Transdisciplinary Curriculum & Projects

GLADE Zoom Days

University of Adelaide staff are invited to participate in GLADE Zoom Sessions on July 21st and 22ndGLADE (Global Liberal Arts Design Experiments) is an affiliation of programmes in Research-Intensive-Universities that cross disciplines, faculties, questions, methodologies, sectors, and sites.

SESSION 1 - 21 July, 2020
Sharing Undergraduate Trans- and Inter-disciplinary Curriculum & Projects, will be facilitated by Sabine Rolle (Dean of Undergraduate Education at the University of Edinburgh) and Michael Burke (Dean of the Honours College at Utrecht University).

SESSION 2- 22 July, 2020
Digital Transmutations: Interactive and Interdisciplinary Online Teaching and be facilitated by Diana Spencer (Dean of Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences at the University of Birmingham) and Tanja Golja (Head of Transdisciplinary Education Innovation at the University of Technology Sydney

Given all the unprecedented pressures for rapid change that we all are now facing, we thought it a useful time to convene and share best practices, challenges, and new ideas for teaching and learning.

Materials will be saved and shared post event.

 Please register before July 17th at if you are interested.