ACEN Webinar Series 2: Models and processes of post-practicum interventions

Webinar Series – Augmenting students’ Learning for Employability through Post-Practicum Educational Processes

This webinar draws upon the projects across the two phases of the grant to suggest ways in which post-practicum interventions can be developed and enacted. Specifically, it will focus on the models of post-practicum interventions trialed in these projects and how specific teaching and learning strategies were used to augment those experiences to promote employability. The presentation of models and processes will offer participants some bases to consider what may work in their area of teaching.

The question addressed within this webinar is: What are the qualities of models of post-practicum interventions and their enactment that would be pertinent for and effective in your field of teaching?

Registrations for Webinar 2 close Friday 13th November.