ACEN Webinar Series 3: Engaging time-jealous students

Webinar Series – Augmenting students’ Learning for Employability through Post-Practicum Educational Processes

Across the many projects within the two phases of this grant, the issue of student engagement, particularly focused and effortful participation became an enduring concern. It seems that contemporary students are not time poor (i.e. without time), but are, instead time jealous (i.e. needing to use their time effectively because of overlapping and competing priorities). As with learning, how students come to engage in, integrate and reconcile experiences provided by both university programs and workplaces, is central to the quality and extent of the outcomes of these experiences. Superficial or reluctant participation will lead to weak educational outcomes. Consequently, it is necessary to identify how best students can come to engage in these kinds of experiences in focused and effortful ways and, through though that, optimise the learning potential of these experiences.

The question addressed within this webinar is: How can contemporary, time jealous, students be assisted to engage effortfully in post-practicum activities to achieve effective outcomes?

Registrations for Webinar 3 close Friday 20th November.