Workshop 5: Group Member Evaluation tool interactive workshop

Presented by Jo England, Senior Learning Designer and Eugenie Hsueh, FeedbackFruits

The FeedbackFruits Group Member Evaluation tool has been designed to support collaborative learning and harmonise group work experiences. This tool integrates with MyUni.

In this interactive session, you will have the opportunity to experience the Group Member Evaluation tool from the student and teacher perspective.

In this session, you will see directly how the Group Member Evaluation tool:

  • Supports collaborative learning and group work
  • Increases student satisfaction and group harmonisation due to recognition of individual contribution
  • Surfaces group member contribution
  • Enables confidential feedback on group work experience to Course Coordinator
  • Allows students to reflect on their own contribution before they comment on the contribution of others

Please see the FeedbackFruits website for more information about each tool, and register to attend the webinar. Even if you can’t attend, please register your interest so that we can send you a recording of the session.

**Registrations for Workshop 6: FeedbackFruits Q and A Drop In Session are open!