ADEPT- Designing Blended Learning

Blended learning can enhance learning through harnessing the benefits of the on-campus and online learning environments.

A recent survey of  over 33,000 students in the UK indicated that most students want their learning to be blended. If Australian students have similar expectations, how do we design courses that effectively blend the on-campus and online learning environments? 

In this session the following colleagues will share their approaches to blended learning. 

Dr Mark Dodd, School of Economics and Public Policy, AEA Executive 

Dr Esma Dogramaci, Adelaide Dental School, AEA Affiliate member 

Dr Ankit Agarwal, Adelaide Business School 

Dr Alex Belli, Adelaide Business School

You will have the opportunity to discuss your approach to designing and delivering blended learning. The session will be interactive and assume you know the basics of blended learning. It is suggested that you first access the online course Designing Blended Learning for an introduction to blended learning principles. 

Through engaging in this session, participants will be able to: 

  • Share approaches they have implemented and discuss benefits, challenges, and potential enhancements 

This ADEPT session is designed for those with course coordinator or course design responsibilities who have applied, or are about to apply, blended learning approaches in practice. 

In this session you will have the opportunity to share and discuss your approach to designing and delivering blended learning.  
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The Adelaide Development Program for Educators and Professionals who Teach (ADEPT) provides academic and professional staff in teaching, and support for teaching roles, with the opportunity to develop their capabilities, knowledge, and skills to create and deliver contemporary, student-focused and collaborative learning experiences for students

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