ADEPT: Active Learning: Strategies for online and on-campus

Actively engaging students in their learning process using contextual examples and interactive tools helps to demonstrate the application of knowledge, adds value to the learning experience and can improve knowledge retention. 

During this session participants will be shown, and participate in, a variety of active learning strategies with examples from multiple disciplines. Active learning strategies in face-to-face, synchronous online and asynchronous online teaching modes will be explored.  Opportunities to share your experience, inspire colleagues with new ideas, and receive feedback on your planned innovations for 2023 will form an integral part of this module. Participation will benefit educators from all levels of experience with tips and inspiration relevant to a range of people from sessional staff and academics new to teaching through to tertiary educators with 10+ years of experience. 

The facilitators Dr Hayley McGrice and Dr Beth Loveys are looking forward to sharing their practice and learning from yours. 

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