Higher Education’s thoughtful response to robot writing - a Students First Symposium

How are thoughtful university leaders responding to the emergence and popularisation of ChatGPT and other robot writing tools? What does a sustainable, learning-first approach to dealing with robot writing look like?

Your panel, together with registered Symposium guests, will explore thoughtful policy and responses, in order to prioritise student and staff experiences, beyond the current technology 'arms race'.

Bring your questions, to discover and discuss proposed approaches within institutions and across the sector.

Your panel:

Professor Giselle Byrnes, Provost and assistant Vice-Chancellor, Massey University

Dr. Julia Christensen Hughes, President and Vice-Chancellor, Yorkville University

Professor Rowena Harper, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education), Edith Cowan University

Professor Theo Farrell, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice President (Academic and Student Life), the University of Wollongong

Chair: Professor Judyth Sachs, former Deputy Vice Chancellor & Provost at Macquarie University, PVC Learning and Teaching at the University of Sydney, and now Chief Academic Officer at Studiosity.

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