Advance HE Webinar: International Higher Education – What Next? A Global South perspective

International Higher Education - what's next?

Higher Education already represents one of the world’s most successful systems for the global flow of knowledge, investment, and highly skilled people. The global pandemic and current economic instability coupled with questions surrounding sustainability present challenges for higher education institutions.  

Working with members, we wish to consider what the core challenges Higher Education Institutions face in a range of areas, including: 

  • International education and transnational education partners 

  • Questions around sustainability and the tension of meeting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals while managing strategic targets for growth

  • The impact of the global economic downturn on the Higher Education sector

  • Perspectives on the opportunities and challenges facing Higher Education Institutions between now and 2030

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Webinar 2

Conversations about international Higher Education and transnational education privilege those of the western domain and expertise. This webinar will bring together a range of experts from institutes in the Global South to discuss their perspectives on trends, changes and where innovation will happen.

NOTE: University of Adelaide staff will need to create a profile with Advance HE to register for this event. This is free.


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