Designing assessment to deter student misconduct and contract cheating

A Turnitin and ASCILITE webinar
A growing body of research suggests that assessing the process of learning, rather than just the final product, is the best way to prevent academic misconduct. Authentic assessments, which involve real-world applications and student presence, can promote deep learning while minimising the risk of misconduct.

Our webinar will explore proven strategies to deter academic misconduct and specifically, contract cheating and AI-based ghostwriting, showcasing three award-winning examples of authentic assessments from RMIT University and Griffith University.

  • Use of roleplay -  2022 AAUT Citation award winner
  • Industry-partnered project - Social Traders’ 2020 Social Procurement Partnership of the Year award winner
  • Interactive oral assessment - AAUT 2021 Citation and Tracey Bretag Academic Integrity Award 2022 finalist
  • Combining edtech with education theory
What we'll cover:
  • How to incorporate authentic assessments in business courses
  • Using experiential learning to mitigate academic misconduct 
  • Engaging with the industry to design problem-based assessments
  • Harnessing digital designs to improve academic integrity at scale (e.g. VR and video-based pitch)

How to use a reliable framework for designing scaffolded authentic assessments that support academic integrity, student engagement, and employability skills.

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