Want to know more about Microsoft Teams?

You may have noticed the recent release of Microsoft Teams for University staff.  Microsoft Teams is a suite of communication tools, designed to assist staff working in different locations with a variety of methods for digital collaboration - captured in a single workspace. 

Tools include the options to create working groups of various sizes, collate messages according to topic, flag someone’s attention to a particular matter easily, create ‘to do’ lists by bookmarking a message within its associated history, shift from text messaging to audio or video calls with one or more people, schedule and host video meetings and share / edit documents with other users at the same time.

Microsoft teams - logo

Staff have the option of using any of these tools in addition to, or instead of, the currently available suite of independent products, according to local needs. 

 For a comprehensive and simple to follow overview of Microsoft Teams functionality please see Microsoft Teams Essential Training offered by LinkedIn Learning.  

Information about how to activate your free LinkedIn Learning account is located here

Alternatively, you may wish to view ITDS advice to staff posted on the Microsoft Teams webpage or register to attend an introductory webinar offered by ITDS on either 28 August or 3 September

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