Confused by copyright? Help is here.

Copyright material is used extensively in teaching but are you confident that you’re using material legally?

New procedures are available to help. They form part of the revised Copyright Compliance Policy which was recently approved and include changes to the way some material is managed at the University.

Did you know that in most cases uploading journal articles, books chapters and music recordings to MyUni isn’t allowed?   

Course Readings is the designated system for sharing this third party copyright material with students (i.e. anything that you or another University staff member didn’t create). It also integrates with Library Search allowing you to link students to online library resources seamlessly.

Copies of music recordings made under the Universities Music License, as well as television and radio broadcasts are now also required to be managed via Course Readings. If you currently use these types of material in your teaching please move them to Course Readings or contact the team for assistance at or on 8313 1061.    


The procedures also cover:

  • General responsibilities of staff
  • Online supply of materials to students
  • Physical supply of materials to students
  • Inclusion of materials in lecture recordings
  • Use of material for non-award courses

View the Procedures for using third party materials for educational purposes

If you have any questions please contact the Copyright & Open Access Coordinator

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