Echo360 Impact and Innovation Grants on offer

Two academic champions grants are available under the Echo360 e3 grants (equity, engagement and evidence = e3). Both grants are offered to qualified applicants interested in improving learner outcomes focusing on at least one area of equity, engagement, or evidence.

EchoImpact Grants

These grants are for instructors and anyone who supports the implementation and adoption of Echo360 to improve student outcomes. This grant offers a 2-day workshop with colleagues from other institutions as well as a small financial grant (up to US$2,000) to support a results-driven project.

EchoInnovation Grants

These grants provide software solutions (to the value of US$5,000) to help people in education and training to develop innovative practices that improve learning engagement. The grant offers access to any of the Echo360 suite of products to complete the project.

 Please contact with any questions.  

The application deadline is March 25, 2022. 


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