Students give top marks to their teachers

As part of the World Teachers’ Day festivities, students were encouraged to give a ‘shout out’ to a teacher who has supported or inspired them to reach their potential through their studies - with this year's theme "Hat's off to teachers".

Student volunteers and staff from the Teaching Excellence and Student Engagement teams from DASE hosted a booth in Hub Central on Friday 27 October. It was inundated by students eager to praise their teachers - receiving over 100 ‘Shout out’s’ in just over one hour. It was clear that students wanted their teaching staff, both lecturers and tutors, to know about the positive impact they have had.

Here is just some of what the students had to say through their anonymous contributions:


World Teachers Day

Students at the 2023 World Teachers Day pop-up booth

Happy teacher's day! You guys change lives!

Dear teachers, thank you for being amazing and instilling passion for our study subjects.

Happy Teachers Day! Thank you for all the support and guidance you provide. You bring light to people’s lives! Always extremely grateful!

Thank you for being so supportive! You are an absolute gem of a teacher and you are always so helpful. Happy Teachers Day. You are AWESOME!

Thank you for all the guidance and care you provide us students. You are the best!


Shout out to all my health and medical science teachers for making the hard medical content easy, fun and engaging throughout. Have a good one!

You are an amazing lecturer! So clever yet humble and has an amazing sense of humour! This made my process of education so less stressful! Thank you for being a great teacher!

Thank you so much for helping me get through year 3 in 2022. You are the reason I’ve made it past! I appreciate everything and thank you for the time taken to tutor me! Keep doing what you do!

Thank you for your inspiring lessons at uni. Your unique teaching style has broadened my perspective and encouraged me to think differently.

Thank you for always bringing so much passion into every class. I really appreciate the support you give to the students.

Thank you for teaching the course with interest and compassion. I’ve learned a lot from your classes!

Hats off to all our teaching academics for the amazing work they have done in 2023!

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