Assessment reform for the age of artificial intelligence

TEQSA has published guiding principles and propositions to support the sector in considering the risks and opportunities of generative artificial intelligence (genAI).

The paper, Assessment Reform for the Age of Artificial Intelligence (Assessment Reform Guiding Principles), draws on the combined guidance of leading Australian experts in artificial intelligence, assessment design and academic integrity in higher education.

The Assessment Reform Guiding Principles are provided to support staff and institutions to reflect on the integrity of their assessment regime and opportunities to incorporate genAI into their educational program. They are offered to help inform decision-making and action into the future and are not intended to be prescriptive.

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Following consultation in October, the final Assessment Reform Guiding Principles were launched by a panel of the lead authors at the TEQSA Conference on 23 November 2023.

In October, TEQSA’s Chief Commissioner, Professor Peter Coaldrake, wrote to all higher education providers noting the significant risk genAI presents to academic integrity and advising TEQSA’s intention to seek assurance from providers that plans are in place to address this issue. All registered higher education providers are encouraged to review Professor Coaldrake’s letter.

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