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Prior to developing a Proposal Plan a Concept Form is required to be completed and submitted to the DVCA Faculty Group.

All forms below should be submitted to the APEAC Executive Officer.

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Addition of a New Program
Revision of an Existing Program

Major revisions require consideration by APEAC. Minor revisions do not. To help determine whether a program development is a major or minor revision, refer to the table of revision categories pdf.

Advice and guidance on completion of the form can be obtained from the APEAC Secretariat.

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Deletion of an Existing Program

If a program will cease to be offered to commencing students permanently an application has to be considered by APEAC on the the Program Deletion Form.  Do not use this form if the program will simply be temporarily unavailable to commencing students. (Use Suspension of Program Form below).

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Suspension of an Existing program

Where a program is to be temporarily unavailable for a specified period of time the Program Suspension Form is completed. Students currently enrolled in the program continue their enrolment until they complete the requirements of the award.

Submission of Suspension Proposals

  1. Complete the 'Program Suspension Proposal' Faculty Section page 1-2 and forward to Student Recruitment and Admissions Services
  2. Student Recruitment and Admissions Services provides data on active applications, offers and acceptances and other data as relevant for consideration by the PVC(I)
  3. In the event that the:
    1. PVC(I) endorses the proposal to suspend program: the program form is returned to Student Recruitment and Admissions Services for implementation including notification to all relevant parties;
    2. PVC(I) does NOT endorse the proposal: the PVC(I) will discuss with the Executive Dean and/or relevant parties. Student Recruitment and Admissions Services will defer implementation of suspension until PVC(I) endorsement is obtained.

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