Strategic Projects

A number of strategic projects are currently under development within the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Student Learning) portfolio.

Digital capabilities

Digital capabilities are critical to our students’ academic success and the career success of our graduates. The Digital Capabilities @ Adelaide project has developed a flexible framework comprising six elements  to support the development of our students’ digital capabilities.

Assessment and Feedback Strategy Project

In order to respond proactively to relevant current trends, drivers and risks, and to promote excellence in assessment as part of teaching excellence, a consultative review and strategic planning process for assessment at the University was undertaken in 2021. View details of the project and the final strategy document.

Student employabilty

Students develop their employability during their studies through gaining expertise in a chosen field and acquiring the skills, capabilities and personal attributes that they need to excel as graduates. The University of Adelaide’s Graduate Employability Framework  defines the elements of employability development and provides tools for program level mapping across the student lifecycle.

Student Partnerships

The University is committed to working in genuine partnership with students to ensure the high quality and the continuous enhancement and innovation of our curriculum, learning and teaching, and wider student experience.

Student retention and success

The University has strengthened its strategic focus on supporting student retention, culminating in the development of our first institutional level Student Retention and Success Plan 2019-2021, introduced in early 2019.