Student Led Teaching Awards

Winner - 2019 Student Led teaching Award

Associate Professor Andrew MacKinnon - 2019 winner

Nominated by the student body, and selected by a committee of student representatives led by the Adelaide University Union, the annual Student-Led Teaching Awards recognise some of the most influential and passionate teaching staff at the University of Adelaide.

Recipients are presented with a certificate and a $1,000 prize - to be paid into a project code or paid as part of payroll for casual staff (with tax deducted).

  • 2019 recipients

    Faculty of Arts

    Name Area Comments
    Mark Ferguson Elder Conservatorium of Music “Mark Ferguson goes above and beyond to ensure every student is catered for and well supported. He is always available to help even when he is technically off of working hours. Mark ensures every student is able to have beneficial opportunities and he always manages to have a solution to any problems which may arise”
    Dr Benito Cao Politics and International Relations “Benito is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. His passion for the topics he teaches is unrivalled, and his energy makes students enthused to learn about whatever the topic may be that week. He always makes sure that he is available for questions and is willing to answer them in different ways until students understand the concept”

    Faculty of ECMS

    Name Area Comments
    Dr Braden Phillips School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering “Always thorough in his lectures and easy to follow. He is good at engaging his students and provides plenty of material when it comes to practice tests and exams. Braden could quite possibly be the best lecturer in the faculty”
    Akram Najafzadeh Lab Demonstrator “She always was passionate when teaching answering any questions you had and going above and beyond to help. She was also easy to interact with outside of the classroom and very approachable”

    Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

    Name Area Comments
    Dr Lyndsey Collins-Praino Adelaide Medical School “An excellent lecturer, one who always goes out of her way to ensure concepts are explained properly and engagingly. Her lectures are always well attended and always interesting”
    Madeleine Benton School of Psychology “She went above and beyond what is expected of tutors, to make sure that her students felt supported and encouraged to be the best they could be. She also provided students with a great level of support; always checking in with us and how we were tracking with our workload and even offering to meet students if they required any support with their subjects”

    Faculty of Sciences

    Name Area Comments
    Associate Professor Andrew MacKinnon School of Physical Sciences “Helped me decide upon my career direction even though it didn't correspond or involve his field of teaching. Was extremely insightful and helpful in me finding my way towards a career I'd enjoy, and very realistic and honest about my options”
    Dr Sara Krivickas School of Physical Sciences “She made me feel very supported and could explain anything to me and I would understand. She motivates students to learn and shows us the easiest ways to go about it. She is able to communicate any ideas clearly and easily to allow every student to learn”

    Faculty of Professions

    Name  Area Comments
    Dr Tracey Dodd Adelaide Business School “Tracey did not hesitate to provide additional support for my peers and me by keeping open communication through emails, providing opportunities in the lecture to ask questions, and offering one on one meetings. When I asked Tracey for help during this course, she assisted me with areas that I struggled with and was confused by, increasing my knowledge and confidence to independently finalise work. Additionally, Tracey provided the class with the opportunity to complete mid-semester feedback on the course, allowing us the chance to express our opinion on what we enjoyed and would like improved”
    Dr Ankit Argawal Adelaide Business School “Ankit displays a real passion for the teaching he does, more so than any other tutor I’ve had whilst at Uni. His enthusiasm extends beyond the classroom, and he is always willing to take the time to reiterate concepts in detail via email after class”