Free public seminar on polycystic ovary syndrome

Tuesday, 6 June 2006

The University of Adelaide's Professor Rob Norman will present a free public seminar on a common cause of infertility in women - polycystic ovary syndrome - at the Women's and Children's Hospital on Wednesday 7 June 2006, at 7.15pm.

Professor Norman, who is Director of the University's Research Centre for Reproductive Health, is one of the foremost world experts on the syndrome. The public is encouraged to participate in an open forum where Professor Norman will present practical ideas and information about the syndrome, as well as the latest research.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a complex disorder present in 5-10% of women of reproductive age and is a frequent cause of infertility.

The syndrome is associated with obesity, increased menstrual dysfunction and infertility, and metabolic conditions such as increased serum insulin, high cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease.

Obesity and associated health problems are increasing dramatically in Australia and throughout the developed world.

Professor Norman said: "The health problems of obesity include diabetes mellitus, micro and macro vascular disease, disability and early death. But overweight women of reproductive age are also more likely to have reproductive problems such as infertility or menstrual dysfunction, and are predisposed to the development of polycystic ovary syndrome."

The syndrome is characterised by the presence of ovarian cysts, insulin resistance, infertility, menstrual dysfunction and increased hair growth, which may result in a reduced rate of conception, increased risk of fetal deformity and miscarriage, and pregnancy diabetes.

Professor Norman, who is also a world authority on ovarian physiology and reproductive endocrinology, is conducting research at the University of Adelaide into dietary interventions to reduce the rate of PCOS.

A collaborative exercise study between the Research Centre for Reproductive Health and CSIRO aims to determine the best form of exercise for weight loss management and reduced PCOS incidence in women.

However the majority of women may not present any symptoms and may not be aware that they have PCOS.

The free public health seminar on polycystic ovary syndrome is at the Women's and Children's Hospital, Queen Victoria Lecture Theatre, Wednesday 7 June, 7.15pm-9pm. Bookings are essential. Please call the Health Information Centre on 8161 6875 or email:


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