Urban design answers to Adelaide's environmental sins

Professor Nancy Pollock-Ellwand

Professor Nancy Pollock-Ellwand
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Friday, 9 May 2008

Adelaide's "environmental sins" and innovative urban design and planning responses to the effects of our harsh climate will be highlighted at the University of Adelaide's next Research Tuesday seminar on Tuesday 13 May.

Professor Nancy Pollock-Ellwand, Head of the School of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design, will describe urban reform through the ages and the legacy left by early urban designers.

"This legacy can be seen at its worse in suburban banality, for example as shown in Kath and Kim, or at its best as in the present reform of cities as we confront the effects of climate change," says Professor Pollock-Ellwand.

Professor Pollock-Ellwand says Adelaide's "environmental sins" range from unnecessary car use, through the urban sprawl of our low density suburbs, to excessive use of our water resources. Other "sins" include the poor water quality of the Torrens, lack of shade in open space, pressure to intrude on parklands, and urban and architectural design without due consideration of the future environment.

Professor Pollock-Ellwand is a landscape architect with an international reputation in the study of cultural landscapes, their history and conservation. She came to the University of Adelaide in January 2007 from the University of Guelph in Canada, where she co-ordinated that country's biggest landscape architecture undergraduate program.

In Adelaide Professor Pollock-Ellwand is working with others on community-based water conservation plans. She says there are a lot of good ideas emerging from urban designers and planners for the future sustainability of Adelaide.

"Climate change is at the forefront of concern here in the driest city in the driest continent," Professor Pollock-Ellwand says. "It is producing some quite innovative response from urban designers and landscape architects in Adelaide."

Held on the second Tuesday of every month, Research Tuesday gives leading experts from the University of Adelaide an opportunity to engage with business, community leaders and the general public on issues that impact on them.

WHAT: "From Sodom and Gomorrah to Kath and Kim: urban reform through the ages"
WHERE: Bonython Hall, North Terrace Campus, University of Adelaide
WHEN: 5.30pm, Tuesday 13 May
COST: Free. Please book by email: research.tuesdays@adelaide.edu.au or phone: (08) 8303 3692


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