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Anton van den Hengel

Anton van den Hengel

Monday, 8 September 2008

Creating 3D models from video, object recognition within videos, editing video as easily as editing 2D images - this is some of the rapidly evolving technology in visual digital media that will be discussed at a free public seminar at the University of Adelaide tomorrow night.

Associate Professor Anton van den Hengel, Director of the University's Australian Centre for Visual Technologies, will talk about the next generation of image manipulation tools that is putting digital content creation into the hands of ordinary users. He is delivering one of the University's monthly Research Tuesdays Seminars on Tuesday 9 September.

"Digital content creation technologies are becoming more powerful and more accessible than ever," says Dr van den Hengel.

"The massive uptake of digital cameras, advances in the science of image analysis and the large collection of video and still images anyone can access through the internet, means sophisticated image manipulation is becoming much easier."

New tools range from intelligent image and video editing programs to modelling packages from 3D virtual environments such as Google Earth, Grand Theft Auto and Second Life.

Dr van den Hengel, an Associate Professor within the School of Computer Science, is leading innovative new research and development in interactive 3D modelling from video and in large-scale video surveillance.

Current projects include: developing software for 3D modelling from video with applications for defence, film, architecture and resources industries; object recognition within videos; and developing virtual reality simulation for safety training for the mining industry.

Held on the second Tuesday of every month, Research Tuesday gives leading experts from the University of Adelaide an opportunity to engage with business, community leaders and the general public on issues that impact on them.

WHAT: Research Tuesday: 'Some ideas about the next generation of image manipulation tools'
WHERE: Lecture Theatre G04, Napier Building, North Terrace Campus, University of Adelaide
WHEN: 5.30pm, Tuesday 9 September
COST: Free. Please book by email: or phone: (08) 8303 3692


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