$1.4 m in Uni of Adelaide scholarships

Friday, 8 March 2013

The University of Adelaide will help 133 of the State's best and brightest first-year students reach their potential through $1.4 million in scholarships this year.

The prestigious scholarships, which were offered to students who demonstrated outstanding academic merit, as shown by their ATAR, and made a significant contribution to their school and community, will be presented at a special ceremony on Tuesday 12 March 2013 at Bonython Hall.

Among the long list of brilliant recipients are Anneliese Corletto, the Andy Thomas Scholarship recipient; Zoe Owens, a University of Adelaide Principals' Scholarship recipient; and Rohan Aird and Eugene Cullity, both being awarded Adelaide Undergraduate Scholarships.

The University of Adelaide Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Warren Bebbington said it was inspirational to meet such outstanding students.

"This year's scholarship recipients have worked hard and the University of Adelaide is delighted to reward their efforts, and support their transition into tertiary education," Professor Bebbington said.

"The scholarships on offer at the University of Adelaide not only make adapting to campus life a little easier, they also open doors for young people from rural and disadvantaged backgrounds to further study.

"University life can be challenging for young people, especially those who must relocate from rural areas. The University of Adelaide is able to relieve some of the pressure by offering financial assistance through the scholarship program so students can concentrate on their studies."

The scholarships being awarded at Tuesday's ceremony include:

  • The Andy Thomas Scholarship, which provides an allowance of $6,000 per annum and covers the student's tuition fee contribution for the duration of their Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical, Mechatronic or Aerospace) degree, for up to four years.

  • The University of Adelaide Principals' Scholarships, which are awarded to top students in South Australia, the Northern Territory, Broken Hill and non-metropolitan Victorian Schools who have been nominated by their principal. The scholarship provides an allowance of $5,000 for the first year of the student's study at the University of Adelaide.
  • The Adelaide Undergraduate Scholarship, which is offered to all South Australian students who have achieved an ATAR of 99.95 (with no bonuses). The recipients receive an allowance of $10,928 per annum (indexed at 3%) for up to four years of the student's undergraduate program at the University of Adelaide.
Ten International Scholarships, to the tune of more than $700,000, will also be awarded during the ceremony, including six Adelaide International Undergraduate Scholarships, one Adelaide International Honours Scholarship, one Adelaide Study Abroad Scholarship and two Adelaide International Postgraduate Coursework Scholarships.

Information on some of this year's recipients

Andy Thomas Scholarship - Anneliese Corletto

Anneliese Corletto, 18, of Henley Beach South is the 2013 winner of the Andy Thomas Scholarship. The Pulteney Grammar School graduate is a highly suitable recipient as she dreams of one day working for NASA or conducting research in the field of theoretical physics.

"When I saw the scholarship, I thought that's me. I'm very interested in space and research into the creation of the universe," Anneliese said.

The scholarship will help fund Anneliese's University of Adelaide double degree - Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical and Aerospace) and Bachelor of Science - and assist with her living expenses while she studies, which she said will ease some of the pressure of adjusting to university life.

"Receiving the scholarship will help me focus on my studies and it'll mean I won't have to rely on a part-time job for income," she said. "It will also help in the long run in terms of HECS. I'll be at uni for at least six years and this scholarship will cover four years of HECS, which is great!"

Anneliese is not only highly academic, she also loves to travel and is a keen sportswoman. While at school she tried a wide variety of team sports, including soccer and rowing. "I enjoy it (playing sport) but I'm not good at it - I try everything," she said. "When I finish uni I would like to get a job that will allow me to travel. I travel with my family once every two years and my favourite place is Japan."

University of Adelaide Principals' Scholarships - Zoe Owens

Zoe Owens, 18, of North Adelaide was nominated for the University of Adelaide Principals' Scholarship by her principal at Taminmin High School in the Northern Territory. She relocated to Adelaide just a week before classes commenced and says the scholarship has helped give her the confidence to move to Adelaide.

"I moved to Adelaide the Sunday before O'Week began, so my adjusting to the city was done around my introduction to university life. It was a bit nerve racking because I have never lived in a city before or even moved house," Zoe said.

"I'm studying a Bachelor of Science (Advanced) and the scholarship from the University will help with the cost of my subjects, relieving some of the financial burden of studying (as I also need to cover accommodation costs)."

Adelaide Undergraduate Scholarships - Rohan Aird and Eugene Cullity

Rohan (Mac) Air, 18, of Hove is one of 18 bright young students to receive an Adelaide Undergraduate Scholarship in 2013. Originally from McLaren Vale and a graduate from Tatachilla Lutheran College, Mac is studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil and Structural), and a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil and Environmental).

"I am very fortunate to have been awarded this scholarship as there are many costs associated with being a university student. The scholarship will go towards my university fees as well as living expenses, and those silly and expensive things called text books," Mac said.

"In year 12, I studied math studies, specialist maths, physics and chemistry. I chose to study engineering as I have always enjoyed mathematics, and engineering will enable me to apply this to real-world problems. I'm studying environmental engineering as well so I can pursue my interest in the environment and sustainability."

When he finishes university, Mac plans to join a global engineering consultancy firm and work on projects that are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

"I am also interested in travel, and experiencing different cultures. I would love to land myself with a career that takes me all over the globe. I plan to learn a language next year, which will be partly supported financially by the scholarship," Mac said.

Eugene Cullity, 17, of Leabrook, will also receive an Adelaide Undergraduate Scholarship in 2013. He is enrolled in a double degree - Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) and a Bachelor of Finance - and hopes to one day work in the automotive industry.

"I'm extremely thankful for this opportunity that the University of Adelaide has given me. The scholarship will alleviate the financial burden of my degree, which will allow me to better focus on my studies," Eugene said.

"I'd be pretty keen to work anywhere as an engineer and just go where the degree takes me I guess. I'm pretty big on cars. My dream job would be working in Formula One. I think it would be a delicious field to work in and hugely rewarding."

While Eugene, a graduate from Marryatville High School, has found university life quite different to the school yard, he said he is enjoying the transition.

"Uni life is pretty exciting, everything's new and the workload hasn't really picked up yet - though I'm sure it won't be long before that changes. It's quite a major transition but there are plenty of people around to help, it's been pretty smooth so far," he said.


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