20 years of translating quality research into clinical care

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

An international conference being held in Adelaide this week (9-11 November) will celebrate global endeavours to translate the best possible research into healthcare – thanks to an institute established 20 years ago in Adelaide.

The Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) at the University of Adelaide is an international not-for-profit research and development centre. Its main aims are to assess the best evidence in healthcare, communicate that evidence, and help to implement research findings for the benefit of healthcare professionals and patients world wide.

This week, more than 200 delegates from over 30 countries around the world will attend the JBI 20th Anniversary Conference at the National Wine Centre, Adelaide, to highlight the Institute's achievements and to provide an update on current efforts to translate best evidence into clinical care.

"Over the past two decades, the Joanna Briggs Institute has established a collaborative network of 59 centres across the globe, all contributing to our vision and mission," says the Institute's Executive Director, Associate Professor Zoe Jordan.

"JBI has published thousands of publications – such as evidence summaries, best practice information sheets and systematic reviews – to guide evidence-based healthcare practice. We've trained thousands of professionals internationally to apply this approach to their own healthcare practices and systems.

"We also established the Joanna Briggs Foundation, to support health professionals in developing countries to improve outcomes in their home nations.

"Today, JBI is widely acknowledged as one of the leading global organisations in evidence-based healthcare, in collaboration with our partner organisation Cochrane, which publishes the Cochrane Reviews. And it's all thanks to our founder, Emeritus Professor Alan Pearson, AM, who established JBI right here in Adelaide in 1996," Associate Professor Jordan says.

In its 20th year, JBI has also announced the establishment of the new Joanna Briggs Institute Adelaide GRADE Center. The centre has been established in partnership with the GRADE working group, an international alliance of clinicians and researchers who have developed a leading approach to rating research quality and guideline development.

"The new GRADE Center in Adelaide is the first of its kind in Oceania," says Associate Professor Zachary Munn, Director of the Joanna Briggs Institute Adelaide GRADE Center.

"The centre will reflect best practice in clinical guideline development, with endorsement from and collaboration with a range of health organisations across the globe.

"Our centre will also offer training in GRADE methods and contribute to the ongoing development of GRADE methods, which are perfectly aligned to the JBI's mission in evidence-based healthcare," he says.



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