SACE results - where do students turn to next?

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Thousands of secondary students who have today received their SACE results may be wondering what to do next. The University of Adelaide says, "Don't panic, we're here to help you."

"Today is an exciting day for thousands of students as they receive their results. We congratulate those who have completed their SACE – it's a great accomplishment in life," says the Acting Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Pascale Quester.

"Among those students will be some who have done exceptionally well, others who have not done as well as they'd hoped, and some who have achieved even greater results than they dreamed of.

"This can be a time of uncertainty for students, but it's important for them to know that help is at hand."

For the first time, the University of Adelaide has a special Messenger bot that will help students to calculate their estimated adjusted ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank). The Messenger bot is available via Facebook login:

"For those who need clarification about what to do next, and what their future holds, our student advisers are available to talk through their individual circumstances. Today has already proven to be a busy day for our advisers," Professor Quester says.

"Students have an enormous range of university programs to choose from, and they may be reconsidering their initial choices now that they're received their SACE results. With the right advice, they will be best placed to work through such important decisions."

Student advisers are available all day and for the rest of this week on 08 8313 7335.

Students still have a couple of weeks to finalise their preferences for university study. The SATAC deadline for change of preferences is Wednesday 3 January.

More information can be found at or call the University on: 08 8313 7335.


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