Academic Progress by Coursework Students Policy


This policy describes the ways in which the University identifies students who are not making satisfactory academic progress and therefore considered at risk by the University. It outlines the measures that the University will implement to assist them to improve their performance and sets out the process by which the University will address ongoing unsatisfactory progress.

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Academic Progress by Coursework Students Policy D2018/168725 Academic_Progress_by_Coursework_Students_Policy_-_amendments_endorsed_by_~_refer_d2018_168490.pdf [475.8K] (application/pdf) 9 Nov 2018
D2017/125539 Academic_Progress_by_Coursework_Students_Policy_-_endorsed_by_Academic_Board_~_refer_d2017_194258.pdf [93.9K] (application/pdf) 21 Feb 2018
d2017/125539 Academic_Progress_by_Coursework_Students_Policy_-_endorsed_by_Academic_Board_7_~_refer_d2017_122036.pdf [94.1K] (application/pdf) 16 Aug 2017
d2017/125539 Academic_Progress_by_Coursework_Students~proved_by_Interim_Vice-Chancellor_and_President_8_June_2017_-_refer_d2017122036.htm [35.9K] (text/html) 15 Jun 2017
D2016/120910 D2016_120910__Academic_Progress_by_Coursework_Students_Policy_-_minor_changes_approved_by_the_DCVA_5_January_2016.htm [29.6K] (text/html) 30 May 2016
D2015/304935 Academic_Progress_by_Coursework_Students_Policy.htm [30.0K] (text/html) 16 Dec 2015
d2009/91437 Unsatisfactory_Academic_Progress_by_Coursework_Students_Policy_-_approved_by_~_source_document.htm [25.4K] (text/html) 14 Jul 2015
d2009/91437 Unsatisfactory_Academic_Progress_by_Coursework_Students_Policy_-_minor_changes_shown.htm [26.7K] (text/html) 13 Jan 2015
d2009/91437 D2009_91437__UAP_Policy_-_updated_for_2014.htm [25.5K] (text/html) 2 May 2014
d2009/91437 Unsatisfactory_Academic_Progress_by_Coursework_Students_Policy_-_approved_by_~_source_document.htm [26.0K] (text/html) 29 Apr 2013
d2009/91437 Unsatisfactory_Academic_Progress_by_Coursework_Students_Policy_-_approved_by_~_source_document.htm [25.7K] (text/html) 19 Dec 2011
d2008/10639 unsatisfactory.htm [25.4K] (text/html) 18 Jul 2008
  AcademicProgress_2007_v2_19Dec06.pdf [64.8K] (application/pdf) 19 Dec 2006
  AcademicProgress_Final_VC_approved27Jun06.pdf [52.4K] (application/pdf) 29 Jun 2006

RMO File No. F 2007/4272
Policy custodian Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Academic)
Responsible policy officer Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Academic)
Endorsed by Academic Board on 7 June 2017
Approved by Vice-Chancellor and President on 8 June 2017
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Superceded Policies Unsatisfactory Academic Progress by Coursework Students Policy
Effective from 1 January 2016
Review Date 31 December 2018
Contact for queries about the policy Learning Quality and Support:

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