University Calendar - Undergraduate and Postgraduate (Other)


This entry contains the Undergraduate and Postgraduate University Calendars. Historical versions, dating from 2004, are available by clicking on the "show previous versions" link at the bottom of the page.

From 2011, the University Calendar has been combined into a single publication. Historical versions are listed at the bottom of the screen.

Title Version Document Date uploaded
Undergraduate Calendar - replaced by combined publication from 2011 (see below) d2009/104772 UG_Calendar_2010_(2).pdf [2.9MB] (application/pdf) 16 Dec 2009
d2009/3230 Undergraduate_Calendar_-_2009_-_University_of_Adelaide.pdf [2.2MB] (application/pdf) 3 Feb 2009
d2008/10267 Undergraduate_Calendar_-_2008_-_University_of_Adelaide.pdf [2.5MB] (application/pdf) 3 Feb 2008
d2008/10266 Undergraduate_Calendar_-_2007_-_University_of_Adelaide.pdf [2.4MB] (application/pdf) 2 Feb 2007
d2008/10265 Undergraduate_Calendar_-_2006_-_University_of_Adelaide.pdf [2.8MB] (application/pdf) 1 Feb 2006
d2008/10264 Undergraduate_Calendar_-_2005_-_University_of_Adelaide.pdf [2.2MB] (application/pdf) 31 Jan 2005
d2008/10263 Undergraduate_Calendar_-_2004_-_University_of_Adelaide.pdf [2.0MB] (application/pdf) 31 Jan 2004
Postgraduate Calendar - replaced by combined publication from 2011 (see below). d2009/104776 Postgraduate_Calendar_-_2010_-_University_of_Adelaide.pdf [3.2MB] (application/pdf) 15 Dec 2009
d2009/3231 Postgraduate_Calendar_-_2009_-_University_of_Adelaide.pdf [3.0MB] (application/pdf) 3 Feb 2009
d2008/10268 Postgraduate_Calendar_-_2008_-_University_of_Adelaide.pdf [2.8MB] (application/pdf) 3 Feb 2008
d2008/10262 Postgraduate_Calendar_-_2007_-_University_of_Adelaide.pdf [2.4MB] (application/pdf) 2 Feb 2007
d2008/10261 Postgraduate_Calendar_-_2006_-_University_of_Adelaide.pdf [2.7MB] (application/pdf) 1 Feb 2006
d2008/10260 Postgraduate_Calendar_-_2005_-_University_of_Adelaide.pdf [2.8MB] (application/pdf) 31 Jan 2005
d2008/10259 Postgraduate_Calendar_-_2004_-_University_of_Adelaide.pdf [1.6MB] (application/pdf) 31 Jan 2004
Postgraduate and Undergraduate Calendar 2011 onwards D2016/137527 Calendar2016.pdf [7.9MB] (application/pdf) 21 Jun 2016
D2014/323359 UA-Calendar2015.pdf [3.6MB] (application/pdf) 4 Jan 2016
d2013/276109 UA-Calendar2014.pdf [3.6MB] (application/pdf) 10 Dec 2013
d2013/124494 University_Undergraduate_and_Postgraduate_Calendar_2013.pdf [3.8MB] (application/pdf) 6 Jun 2013
d2013/18647 University_Undergraduate_and_Postgraduate_Calendar_2012.pdf [6.1MB] (application/pdf) 22 Jan 2013
d2011/21450 2011_UNI_CALENDAR.pdf [5.2MB] (application/pdf) 16 Feb 2011

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