Procedures for Additions, Amendments and Deletions of Authorities

Authority contained in policy

The following procedures apply to all new policies, amendments to policies or deletions of policies.

  1. All new policies and amendments to policies must be submitted to the Council Secretary for advice regarding delegations of authority prior to their submission for approval by the appropriate body in accordance with the Adelaide University Policy Framework.
  2. The Council Secretary will review the authorities within the policy to ensure that they have been framed in accordance with standard principles and, if necessary, will liaise with the author of the policy to assist with any amendments.
  3. Following final approval (by the Vice-Chancellor* or Council) all new policies or amendments to policies will be uploaded to the Policy Directory by the Council Secretariat.

Authority not contained in policy

  1. An application for the approval or amendment of an authority needs to be made on the request for authority approval form. This form must be submitted to the Council Secretary.
  2. The Council Secretary will review the request and, if necessary, liaise with the author to assist with amendments.
  3. The Council Secretary will then submit the application to the Vice-Chancellor for consideration and approval.
  4. Following the approval of the authority by the Vice-Chancellor, the Council Secretary will update the Authorities Register and advise the delegate of their new authorities.

*In accordance with s.5.1 of the Adelaide Policy Framework, the Vice-Chancellor and President has delegated the following:

Authority to approve Stage One Proposals – Provost and DVC&VP(R), 15 August 2018.

Authority to approve policies and procedures – for management policies only where there are no changes to authorities (excluding where approval is required by Council) – Policy Custodian, 21 June 2018.

Authority to delete a policy (excluding policies approved by Council) – Provost and DVC&VP(R), 30 August 2018.