Capital Projects & Facilities Management

Kon Corolis


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James Rivett

Manager, Capital Projects Delivery

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Helen Halliday

Project Manager

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Greg Badger

Project Manager

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Simon Fenwick

Project Manager

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Rob Newcombe

Project Manager

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Tyler Lawrence

Tyler Lawrence

Project Manager


Hanh Nguyen

Project Officer

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Michael Brewer

Risk and OH&S Advisor

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Vicki Jacobs

Senior Space Planner

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Steve Mylius

Manager, Contract Services

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Martin Tauchert

Senior Manager, Operations

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Brenton Spencer

Site Supervisor, Roseworthy

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Mark Hemsley

Facilities Manager, AHMS

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Bruce Lawson

Mechanical Services Manager

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Jim Mikromanolis

Coordinator - Cleaning & Waste Services

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Kaylee Scholefield

Maintenance Planner and Scheduler

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Damon Golledge

Facilities Manager, Roseworthy

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Travis Bedford

Facilities Manager, Waite

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Linda Sperring

Site Supervisor, Waite

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