Roseworthy Vet Tech

The Williams building ground floor has been reconfigured and refurbished to accommodate the new Bachelor of Veterinary Technology course. 

The upgraded facilities allow students to be trained in advanced technologies used in animal health and high-level veterinary care, including the use of anaesthesia and analgesics.

Project overview

  • Location: Williams Building, Roseworthy Campus
  • Size: 370 m2
  • Cost: $660,000
  • Completed: February 2020
  • Architect: Flightpath Architects


  • Vastly improved teaching facilities and student learning laboratory
  • Increased capacity in the laboratory from 40 students to 80 students
  • Refurbishment of the key skills suite
  • Addition of an Imaging Suite and store room
  • Delivery of a modern space that aligns to the Laboratory Master Plan and Teaching Spaces strategies