Rooftop Solar

More than 1,600 solar panels have been installed on roof tops at North Terrace, Roseworthy and Waite since 2017.

The Roseworthy Student Resident building has received a 28 kW system. Over 300 kW of solar has been installed on the Charles Hawker, Davies and Wine Innovation East buildings at Waite. And 234 kW has been installed on the Kenneth Wills, Engineering South and Barr Smith South buildings at North Terrace.

Combined with existing systems on the Ingkarni Wardli building, Vet School, Sports Association Club Rooms and Morgan Ski Club House, the University's rooftop renewable energy capacity is 658 kW.

As of 1 January 2020, solar systems are delivering annual energy savings of 1,899GJ, reducing electricity consumption during peak demand and avoiding 258 tonnes of Co2e per year.

Roseworthy Solar Farm 

The University's largest solar project located at Roseworthy is expected to deliver 42% of the campus's energy needs.

A ground-mounted solar array with 3,200 panels will include a 420/1200 kWh hybrid battery and high voltage ring main. Read more.