Roseworthy Solar Farm

An integrated solar system, battery storage and microgrid built at Roseworthy is expected to deliver 42% of the campus's energy needs.

This project will reduce the University’s peak electricity demand, reduce energy costs and increase the resilience of supply to Roseworthy campus. There are opportunities to utilise the solar farm and battery storage systems for research and teaching related to energy management strategies, grid segregation, low-cost fault detection systems, system resilience, and cybersecurity.

This is the largest solar project in the University's history and a key strategy under the Campus Sustainability Plan (2017-2020)


  • 1.2MW solar farm located on the Roseworthy Campus
  • 420/1200kWh hybrid battery (combination of lithium-ion and vanadium flow)
  • Digital twin microgrid
  • Budget: $7 million, including a $780,000 grant from the South Australian Renewable Technology Fund 

Project dates

Completed July 2021. Joint project launch with the South Australian government, May 2021.


Project Manager, Rob Newcombe.