Mitchell Gate Relocation

This project has put an iconic piece of history back in its original home, and made a statement entrance along our border with the Lot Fourteen precinct.

As part of the Public Realm Strategy, the Mitchell Gates were removed from their previous location on Victoria Drive. After a period of storage they were renovated by local craftspeople and then restored to their original setting on Frome Road, where they provide a stunning frame to the Barr Smith Library steps, as intended. The gates also provide a distinctive pedestrian access point from the University’s Helen Mayo buildings across Frome Road. 

Project overview

  • Location: Frome Road entrance, North Terrace Campus
  • Cost: $300,000
  • Construction partner: Sarah Constructions


  • Enhanced pedestrian access to the North Terrace campus
  • Restoration of heritage infrastructure and re-location to original setting

Completed: March 2021

Mitchell Gate Relocation