Space Management

UniSpace is the University’s single port of call for all space-related information.

UniSpace contains:

  • Interactive campus maps
  • Building floor plans
  • Space occupancy data
  • Space charging information
  • UniSpace Archives
  • The Service Desk App, used for creating service requests
  • The Asset Management App, used for viewing and managing physical assets
  • The Project Management Console, used for managing projects.

There are different levels of UniSpace access.

All staff have access to maps and work request information using their University ID number.

Select faculty and divisional staff have access to data to support space charging decisions, relocations and refurbishments.

Students, volunteers, contractors and consultants can be granted access if required.

Email for information and assistance, including to:

  • request UniSpace access or training
  • report a problem with the display of maps or information
  • reset your UniSpace password
  • locate a document, person or data
  • import data into UniSpace.