Infrastructure Strategy & Support Services

Kendra Backstrom

Director, Infrastructure Strategy & Support Services

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Sonja Graetz

Manager, Communications & Engagement 

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Mark Kennedy

Manager, Security Services

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Tania Milohis

Manager, Business Services & Improvement 

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picture of Samantha Owen standing in front of grey backround

Samantha Owens

Executive Officer, Infrastructure Strategy & Support Services

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Tess Yates

Senior Administrative Officer 

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Paul Nikou

Manager, Infrastructure & Estate Analysis  

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Josh Kathigitis

Senior Business Improvement Analyst  

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Simon Brockhoff 

Senior Drafter    

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Toby Fuller  

Infrastructure Information Coordinator

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Kaylee Scholefield  

Contract Manager   

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Sue Asker-Warner  

Infrastructure Customer Service Team Leader   

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Toni Pihodnya 

Infrastructure Customer Service Officer (Bookings & Events)   

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Allison Baldwin   

Infrastructure Customer Service Officer (Access Control)   

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Chelsea Fuller   

Infrastructure Customer Service Officer  

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Jane Lub   

Infrastructure Customer Service Officer   

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Stephan Figueiredo   

Infrastructure Customer Service Officer   

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Dianna Buckland   

Acting Senior Administrative Officer   

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Robyn Aust    

Senior Administrative Officer   

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Bridget Heading   

Senior Infrastructure Investment Coordinator   

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Phillipa Schliebs   

Engagement Project Officer 

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Catherine Woods   

Engagement Project Officer 

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Rohan Main   

Security Supervisor   

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Robert Nestler   

Security Supervisor   

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Guy Bateson   

Security Officer   

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Corey Barklay 

Supervisor Security Investigations & Communications   

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Michael Rowbotham   

Supervisor Security Services  

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Renata Rusmir   

Security Supervisor   

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