Barr Smith South common teaching spaces

More than 300 students participated in consultation sessions for a major refurbishment of Barr Smith South, which resulted in a visually engaging common teaching area. 

This project was the last in a series of upgrades under the Teaching Spaces Master Plan (2014-2019), which provided guidelines to improve the quality and sustainability of common teaching areas, and support small group discovery through flexible, tech-enabled design. 

    Project overview

    • Location: Levels 2, 3 and 5, Barr Smith South, North Terrace Campus
    • Size: 1,400 m2
    • Cost: $5.2 million
    • Completed: November 2019
    • Architect: ARM Architecture


    • Creation of two 90-seat common teaching areas, five project rooms and extensive breakout spaces
    • New studio for first-year Architecture students
    • Improved way finding and access to the external lift and student kitchen
    • New student restroom facilities
    • Upgrades to stairwells