Asbestos management

Asbestos is present at each of the University’s campuses, but due to the nature and location of asbestos materials, the risk of incidental exposure to airborne fibres is minimal.

    The Asbestos Register lists all identified or assumed asbestos on our campuses and grounds.

    Access the current Asbestos Registers.

    The University's responsibilities for the effective management of asbestos and asbestos related issues is detailed in the:

    For more information about asbestos management refer to the Asbestos Register User Manual or Asbestos Management Procedure page.

    To access the pre-2022 Register, go to the Carter Corporation website and log in using the details below.

    • Password: UniAdelaide

    The Greencap Portal includes additional University of Adelaide asbestos-related documents, images, and sample results. To access the Portal, log in using the details below.