Parking & Traffic Management

Parking at North Terrace Campus will require a parking permit. 

Parking inspectors regularly patrol the campus and any vehicle without a valid permit will be issued with a parking fine, if a fine is issued this is the responsibility of the contractor.

Request a “Temporary permit” at via

Please provide at least 72 hours for the permit to be processed.

All other campuses have parking available in designated car parks, no permits are required.


Conditions of Parking Permit at North Terrace

  • Parking within the white lined parking areas only;
  • The permit IS NOT valid in reserved, car pool parking areas, blue lined areas, disability access parking areas, 15 minute areas, yellow lined areas or loading bays; and
  • Permits are to be placed on the vehicle’s dashboard.

Failure to meet the conditions of parking permit while working on the UoA grounds will incur an infringement notice.

Loading Bays

If you need to bring tools and equipment onto site 15min loading bays are available for Contractors to load and unload equipment.

If your vehicle is required throughout the day, you may request a parking permit through your UoA Representative.