University Christmas closure

The University will be closed for business on Friday 18 December 2020 through to Sunday 10 January 2021, and there are changes to building access during this period.

Many buildings will be fully closed with no services and others will be in 'after hours' mode. Having worked with Faculty and Branch leaders to identify laboratories/buildings that will need to remain accessible, and for whom, a comprehensive list of buildings is now available.

Remember - remove personal items you need from your office by the 17th - incl. any hidden Xmas gifts!

HDR students will have access to a drop-in workspace in Horace Lamb, Room 422, including printing facilities. See map

Hub Central will be open to current students via swipe card on the following dates:

Friday 18th – Wednesday 23rd December                   Swipe card access only   
Thursday 24th December                                            Closed from 4pm
Friday 25th – Monday 28th December                         Closed
Tuesday 29th – Thursday 31st December                   Swipe card access only
Friday 1st January                                                      Closed
Saturday 2nd – Sunday 10th January                         Swipe card access only

From 7am Monday 11th January the Hub will be open as normal 

If you require continued access through the close down period, please contact your Faculty or Branch leaders in the first instance.

Visit the University's close-down website for more general information about the closure.

  • Can I access my office during the closure period?

    Office access during the extended closure period will be limited to those staff and students who have an approved exemption from the purchased leave arrangements. 

    Lighting, air-conditioning and cleaning services may not be operating in buildings other than those identified as housing essential services or facilities.

    With the exception of public holidays, Hub Central will remain open to staff and students via swipe card access.

  • Which activities are considered critical?

    Critical activities that Infrastructure have identified that we will be maintaining support of over the closure period include:

    • Animal houses
    • Biobanks
    • Data Centre
    • Comms rooms and
    • University Security.

    Other areas that require continued access for specific staff has been identified via consultation with Faculty and Branch leaders. This includes access for HDR students conducting ongoing work through the Christmas shut-down.

  • I am performing critical activities on campus - is there somewhere I can work?

    A staff drop-in centre will be available on the North Terrace campus in Hughes Room 323,close to Hub Central. This will provide a central space in which staff can work and collaborate. Printing will be available at Ask Adelaide. See map.

  • Will Hub Central or other student spaces remain open?

    With the exception of public holidays, Hub Central on North Terrace will be open during the closure period with swipe card access. Fix Lounge and the Mature Students lounge will also be open.

    Waite Campus Hub will not be open over the closure period.

    HDR students will have write-up space provided in Horace Lamb Rm 422 with a printer available at Ask Adelaide. See map.

  • Which buildings will be open on the Roseworthy campus?

    At Roseworthy, students will maintain access to their accommodation and the Main Building for supporting services.

  • Who do I contact for more information?

    For more information about building access during the closure period please contact Infrastructure Branch on 8313 4008 or email

    Alternatively, please contact your School, Faculty or Branch managers to discuss your needs in detail and gain approval for required exemptions to the shut-down.

  • What about parking on campus during closedown?

    If you're considered a 'critical' staff member who is required to be on campus for work during the lockdown, a temporary parking permit may be issued. To access this service, please supply a letter/email from your manager confirming that you're required to work over the lockdown and send this along with your name, a-number and car registration to