Preparing for Semester 2

Are you prepared for Semester 2? After what has been a challenging start to 2020, we want to help set you up for success in semester 2.

As always, Learning Enhancement & Innovation are here to support you. We have compiled a list of support services and online resources to assist with learning and teaching this semester.

We have also included links to wellbeing services offered by the University for both staff and students.

MyUni Support

As always, the MyUni Support team are on hand to assist with any of your queries about the use of MyUni.


(08) 8313 3000 (Option 3 (MyUni), Option 1 (Staff)


MyUni Learning Centre

The MyUni Learning Centre is great resource to assist with the use of MyUni. After a recent student review, the MyUni Learning Centre has been updated with a new look and feel to create an optimum user experience.

Access the MyUni Learning Centre here.


Course Ambassadors

Looking for assistance in supporting the delivery of remote learning? Course Ambassadors are students employed by Learning Enhancement and Innovation on a casual basis to assist in supporting the University’s efforts to deliver remote learning. Course Ambassadors aid Course Coordinators and Teaching Staff in the use of MyUni and the implementation of learning experiences for remote learners, including collection of engagement metrics, support for virtual tutorials, discussion board monitoring, and population of weekly remote learning plans.

To book a Course Ambassador, please use the Calendly link below that corresponds with your faculty. The Calendly link will ask you for details of your task and when you need it done by.

Faculty of Arts: 

Faculty of Health & Medical Sciences: 

Faculty of Professions: 

Faculty of Sciences: 



Online Courses

Remote Teaching Course - Semester 2
A new version of the Remote Teaching course is now available to provide ongoing support to staff with teaching in an online environment.

The course includes:

  • Best Practice for Remote Teaching and Assessment 
  • Technology for Communication with Students
  • Teaching using Echo360, Zoom & Video
  • Podcasts for Teaching and Assessment 
  • Assessment
  • Student Wellbeing while Learning Remotely

Self Enrol Here


Active Learning Skills Course 
An open MyUni course is available to students on how to develop active learning skills to help while studying remotely.

The course includes:

  • How to be an active learner
  • Study strategies for lectures and videos
  • Study strategies for readings
  • Study strategies for Activities and assessment
  • Additional resources

Self Enrol Here


Learning Analytics

Learning and Teaching Insights

The Learning Analytics team have put together a number of tools available to teaching staff that provide insights into student learning, engagement, performance, and demographics. These tools assist in better understanding student learning behaviours and inform improvements to learning design, methods of teaching, and student communication.

Access Learning & Teaching Insights

At the start of semester, the following tools are especially useful for planning:

Detailed Course Report


The Detailed Course Report is available for all courses in MyUni, providing teaching staff with an overview of student demographics and previous results.

Find out more about the Detailed Course Report here. 

Assessment Mapping


The Assessment Mapping dashboard provides teaching staff with insights into the placement of assessments within other courses across the university, to assist in the prevention of major assessment clashes.

Find out more about Assessment Mapping here.

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Learning Design Support 

Looking for Learning Design assistance? Use our online booking system to connect with your faculty Learning Designer.

Book here


Video Production Support 

The Media Production Team provides video production support for learning video content to be used in both campus based and online delivery.

Find out more about video and self service facilities here. 

Library Support 

Services for teaching staff 
The library offers a range of services, including coordinating copyright-compliant access to digitised course materials for students from within MyUni, and copyright advice. We also offer online content that teaches students how to find, evaluate, and acknowledge information for their assignments. Contact your Faculty Liaison Librarian for more information.  

Access Services for Teaching Staff

Wellbeing Support

Health and Wellbeing during Covid-19
For staff, the Covid-19 health and wellbeing website will provide you with a toolkit of tips, activities and resources to maintain your wellbeing during this time. The tips relate to healthy minds, healthy bodies, healthy families and healthy finances.  

Employee Assistance Program 
If you, or any member of your immediate family are not coping during this time, please access our Employee Assistance Program which will provide you with free professional support and advice.

Wellbeing hub for students 
The wellbeing hub is managed by Student Life and is a one stop shop for all wellbeing support services and resources. Their website contains a new category of resources responding to many of the wellbeing issues arising from the Covid-19 pandemic.

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