Times Higher Education Campus+ partnership

The University of Adelaide has entered into a partnership arrangement with THE Campus+ which provides a platform for academic and professional staff to disseminate insights and advice on key areas of higher education. 

THE Campus  aims to provide actionable resources for practitioners who wish to make enhancements in key areas of higher education, such as teaching and learning; impact and sustainability; internationalisation; early career research support; research management; equity, diversity and inclusion. The website also provides the space for the sharing of views about current topics and challenges in higher education delivery and enables connections with peers across the globe. 

Times HE

University of Adelaide academic and professional staff who wish to share their practice or engage in dialogue with peers on an international stage can submit resources (written or video) or opinion pieces. The Campus+ editorial team will provide guidance and support to prepare submissions for publishing.  

You can see pieces by the University of Adelaide staff on our institutional page.

Contributing to this platform is a great way to share your practice and would be useful evidence for internal or external teaching award applications. THE Campus content has attracted more than 800,000 page views and their newsletter is sent to more than 29,000 higher education professionals globally.

THE Campus have specific style requirements for the written and video resources and opinion pieces which are outlined in these guides . You will save yourself considerable time if you read these carefully before starting your submission. 

You can pitch an idea or submit a draft piece on a wide range of higher education topics at any time. THE Campus will also make fortnightly calls for content on specific topics.

Please contact the Teaching Excellence team to discuss your ideas for submission or if you have any questions. 

It is recommended that you access the THE Campus contributor terms and conditions relating to contributions.

THE Campus spotlight topics and schedule 

  • Due 2 October - Skills every early career researcher needs

    Skills every early career researcher needs… practical advice from and for HE professionals on:

    • Managing up: how to get the most out of your supervisor
    • Finding effective mentors
    • How to get published
    • Top tips for finding funding
    • The key to successful grant applications
    • The secrets to effective self-promotion
    • The art of prioritising
    • Timeless time management skills
    • Effective use of social media for academics
    • How to boost your data literacy
    • Job applications: dos and don’ts
    • Job interview 101
    • How to improve your editing skills
    • Understanding the world of academic journals
    • Interpersonal skills for success
    • How to negotiate like a pro
    • Don’t be afraid: learning from rejection or failure
    • Bang for bucks: how to manage research funding
    • How to beat imposter syndrome
    • Should I stay or should I go? Is the academy really for you
    • Communicating with / writing for a non-academic audience

    Deadline for content: Monday, 2 October

  • Due 16 October - Teaching international students

    Teaching international students practical advice from and for HE professionals on:

    • What are the key components of effective lifelong learning
    • How can an institution support lifelong learning among its students
    • How to ensure international students feel welcomed and included in the classroom
    • Managing class debates and discussion so all students can contribute regardless of English proficiency
    • Designing assignments so that a lack of fluency in English is not a barrier
    • Pedagogies that work well for international classrooms
    • Leveraging the benefits of international cohorts to boost cross cultural understanding
    • Adapting essay feedback for international students who speak English as a second language
    • Setting up buddy or peer mentoring schemes for international students
    • How to help international students prepare for university life ahead of their arrival
    • Supporting a smooth transition into life in a new country and institution
    • Helping international students get to grips with the “hidden curriculum”
    • Actively nurturing social ties between international and domestic students
    • Language training and other focused support that can help international students excel in their studies
    • Leading respectful disagreement between students from different parts of the world
    • How to guard against unconscious bias/discrimination in the classroom?

    Deadline for content: Monday, 16 October

  • Due 30 October - Skills every research manager needs 

    Skills every research manager needs practical advice from and for HE professionals on:

    • Become a pro at finding and securing funding

    • How to motivate a diverse team

    • What it takes to navigate the politics of an institution

    • The key to cross-team collaboration

    • Working successfully with HR

    • Managing staff at different levels

    • Project management skills to develop fast

    • How to lead with honesty and empathy while driving quality

    • Mentoring skills to guide ECRs

    • Spotting and nurturing research talent

    • Demonstrating the value of your research

    • Promoting / communicating research impact

    • Become adept at working with policymakers

    • Understanding the changing publishing landscape

    • The ins and outs of intellectual property

    • How to successfully manage international collaborations

    Deadline for content: Monday, 30 October

Previous submission topics

  • Due 18 September - How to be engaging in the classroom

    How to be engaging in the classroom practical advice from and for HE professionals on:

    • How to project the confidence you may not feel
    • Quick tricks to re-capture dwindling attention
    • The art of bringing humour into the classroom
    • How to make teaching and learning fun
    • What makes a great teacher?
    • How to project your passion for a subject
    • Personalise the classroom: tips to show you know each student
    • Exploring new methods of teaching with students
    • Injecting your personality: how far to go
    • Managing classroom dynamics to ensure no students are overlooked
    • How to reach the back of the room
    • How to assess if students are still engaged
    • Active learning and other pedagogies that prevent disengagement
    • How to make attending class in person worth the effort
    • Projecting a positive outlook
    • How to maintain or rejuvenate your own passion for your work
    • What do you do to generate new and creative ideas?
    • Teaching from the heart: engaging your students through empathy
    • How to use tech to be more engaging

    Deadline for content: Monday, 18 September

  • Due 4 September - Lifelong Learning

    Lifelong learning practical advice from and for HE professionals on:

    • What are the key components of effective lifelong learning

    • How can an institution support lifelong learning among its students

    • What is the role of micro-credentials in continuing education

    • How to design and develop effective micro-credentials

    • Understanding what learning opportunities mature students in employment are looking for

    • How to partner with industry / employers to develop ongoing learning opportunities

    • How to partner successfully with learning platforms to provide accessible short courses

    • How to demonstrate the value of lifelong learning and micro-credentials

    • Creating clear and coherent pathways for lifelong learning

    • How to join up undergraduate degrees with microcredentials

    • Making lifelong learning affordable and accessible to all students

    • Building a long-term and sustainable MOOC and micro-credentials strategy

    • Adapting your teaching to short-course formats

    • How to build community into micro-credentials and short courses

    • How to adapt the curriculum to serve students for life

    • How to make learning programmes suitably customisable for a changing world of work

    Deadline for content: Monday, 4 September

  • Due 21 August - What you can do to protect academic freedom/promoting plurality

    What you can do to protect academic freedom/promoting plurality… practical advice from and for HE professionals on:

    • Teaching students how to disagree well
    • The importance of debate in learning
    • Creating safe spaces for students to express their opinions
    • What to do when academic freedom is under threat
    • Academic freedom in the age of AI
    • How to question your own assumptions to better serve your students
    • How to establish shared values for your classroom to encourage authentic discussion
    • How to address ‘culture wars’ or ‘cancel culture’ on campus
    • How to manage an external speakers programme
    • How to supervise controversial research
    • How to teach controversial/‘hot button’ topics
    • Making space for saying ‘I don’t know’
    • Negotiating the intersection of academic freedom and university/government policy
    • How to protect faculty and staff from online harassment
    • How to balance academic freedom with compassionate teaching

    Deadline for content: Monday, 21 August

  • Due 7 August - Student advising / student support services…

    Student advising / student support services… practical advice from and for HE professionals on:

    • How to support students through the application process
    • Helping students transition to university life
    • What support is vital for first year student success
    • Improving university careers advice
    • The role of academic advising and how to make it helpful for all
    • How to address the unique needs of the covid generation
    • Designing early interventions for students who are falling behind
    • Building better student wellbeing support
    • Improving student degree completion rates
    • Making mentoring available to more students
    • Peer to peer support networks: how can universities nurture these
    • Ensuring all students have the basic academic skills they need to succeed
    • Defining “student success”
    • Helping students from lower socio-economic backgrounds and minority groups access the support they need

    Deadline for content: Monday, 7th August

  • Due 24 July - Steering higher education in uncertain times

    Steering higher education in uncertain times practical advice from and for HE professionals on:

    • Creating adaptable systems within universities, that can respond to changing demands
    • How to build a crisis-ready university
    • Preparing students to succeed in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world
    • Supporting staff to work with changing demands and conditions
    • Designing resilient campuses in an era of climate change
    • Understanding and managing university financial pressures in 2023
    • Developing flexible strategic plans with room for change
    • How to plan for the unknown on an institutional level
    • How to plan for the unknown on an individual level
    • Where to look for new streams of income
    • How to appeal to students in 2023
    • Understanding post-pandemic students’ priorities for higher education
    • Supporting academic colleagues to cope with sudden change
    • How to embrace change: advice for university staff
    • Training students for jobs that do not exist yet
    • Assuaging student anxieties about the future

    Deadline for content: Monday, 24 July