The Live ANZ 2021 - Is this a turning point for higher education?

The pandemic saddled universities in Australia and New Zealand with unprecedented challenges, from campus restrictions and border closures to the resulting financial costs. These institutions must now rethink their operations if they are to offset the loss of overseas students, turning their focus toward domestic education and growth.

This virtual conference will bring together universities from across the region, to pull together and address the challenges which lie ahead. Could this be a turning point for higher education?

Key take-aways:

  • How to ensure satisfaction with online education
  • How to address gender equity and diversity in employment
  • How to build strategies for indigenous higher education
  • How to collaborate with industry in meaningful ways

Thought leaders will also address the issues at the forefront of the sector's mind:

  • The future of the relationship between Australian universities and the federal government
  • Is the future of internationalisation in jeopardy?
  • Are today's students more radical and politicised than their predecessors?

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